Negin Mirsalehi

The ever-rising star of Negin Mirsalehi.


Negin Mirsalehi is born

Negin Mirsalehi is born, daughter to Iranian parents who’ve moved to the Netherlands. Her father is a beekeeper and her mother a hairdresser. While growing up, Negin finds she has a real interest in fashion and starts to develop her own style: girly & comfortable, with cool accents.


Off to an innocent start

Negin, now 24 years old, starts posting on Instagram. First for friends and family, but people quickly start flocking to her account. She not just pretty, but also smart: realising the potential, she actively starts building a following. Negin also gets a blog on her own domain:


Best new media talent

The success does not go unnoticed. Within a year she is awarded ‘Best New Media Talent’ by Marie Claire and ‘The Most Promising Fashion Blog’ by Stylight. Commercial opportunities start to come in and she realises she needs to up the ante on her blog. That’s where we come in.


Just develops Negin’s new online platform

Our aim is to position Negin as a sophisticated fashion brand and get visitors to consume more content. Our solution: Negin360, a clever way of linking and curating all the content. For example: At the end of every article, a related one is loaded in. This allows for endless scrolling, keeping people on the page. The site is filled with clever little things, like a map showing all Negin’s worldly exploits.


March: First steps

Negin’s Instagram account has grown to almost 2 million followers. She’s also active on Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest & Twitter. She knows the time has come for the next step: launching her own product, a luxurious hair oil. Given her beautiful hair, a logical choice. After a competition with a prestigious Agency in Amsterdam, Negin asks Just to handle the proposition and build of the webshop.


June: Gisou is born

The hair oil is to be the first in a line of beauty products. A key ingredient is honey, from her father’s hives. After coming up with a few different angles and names, we decide on Gisou, a Persian name meaning ‘Women’s hair’, with a classy, international ring to it. We then develop the logo, graphic style and packaging.


October: Launch of Gisou

The webshop goes live, utilizing clever loading, high quality video and great attention to detail. To save costs, we use a pre-fab shop system, which we then customise to the max, in order to get the high quality feel that the product needs to convey.